Interagency Data Sharing

DataVis integrates with any RMS or CAD system. These systems require huge investments in time and money, and do a good job collecting and storing critical data.

However, most RMS and CAD systems are not optimized to automatically share data from one Police Department to the next. DataVis solves this problem with a low cost, simple implementation approach.

We excel at building secure, automated solutions for any Police Department and we enable neighboring cities and towns to share, filter, and collaborate more easily using our platform.

Data Sharing

Crime data shared among any city or town on the DataVis platform

Viewable in Charts or Maps

Filtering by date, crime category, shift to isolate hot spots

Critical Alerts

Share Real-Time Alerts for critical incident codes

Cross Border Crime Data Share

Filter by date, crime category, shift to isolate trends and hot spots
397 Calls for Service
13 Aggravated Assault
29 Larceny
7 Burglary

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